It’s crazy how you can have feelings for someone and then suddenly, it’s like it never happened.


I liked this one guy for like, 2 years or something and then the other day I just realized that I don’t anymore and I knew that I did the day before. It’s crazy cause I was so sure that I was never gonna be able to get over him, I didn’t even really want to get over him, and then the other it just happened. All feelings, gone. :)

Oh and there’s this guy that I just met and despite barely knowing I really like him. I think he’s partially the reason why I’ve gotten over this other guy. It’s just so weird cause I always thought that know one (except like, Jacob Hoggard) would make me stop liking him but apparently I was wrong! And thank god cause it was really time that I moved on.

This new guy is really great though so hopefully the feelings are mutual and maybe it’ll work out :)